Updating picasa No registration 2way cams

21-Aug-2017 20:58

This means you can make changes to your images in Picasa, such as adjusting the contrast and brightness or cropping (or marking with a star), and you don't need to worry about it overwriting your original images.

In order to keep performance reasonable it stores a cache of these adjusted thumbnails and the changes in your Local Settings directory too.

If you've encountered problems, leave a (detailed) issue in the Issue Tracker.

The repository has recently been converted from TFS to GIT.

The problem i'm running into is that I can't figure out how to force Brilliant Gallery to stop using the cached versions of the picasa albums and go and grab the new edited versions.

I have tried to force expire the albums by setting the expire number to 0 days, then run a Cron to delete them.

A few days ago, Google officially announced the shut-down for its old-school online photo service Picasa Web Albums. As this update refers to nearly 7 billion Picasa photos uploaded online, it can be quite confusing to people who had used the old service for years.

Picasa will happily then trawl back through your pictures directory and rebuild most of the information from these files.I discovered a problem with Picasa's method of updating these files though - if you make changes to a file, and then move it to a different folder, within picasa, it doesn't update the original or the new file.